Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: I don't care anymore

So, the 1st BCS poll is out and roughly 114 Division 1 schools really don't care because they'd never be included in such a poll.

To be honest, unless you play in the SEC, Big 12, Big 10 or Pac 10, it probably doesn't mean much to you either. Boise State fans, you are excluded from the "Do not care" list, you should care because it means something to you

And to further narrow the field. Unless you are one of the top 2 teams in any of the above conferences, it doesn't mean much to you either.

But enough of the naysaying. We are about to provide you--College Football fan--with a true look at the "Best and Worst" of College Football and make this weeks predictions.

In this clip--the attack begins--though we might add this may be subtitled or in the wrong language if you watch it.

Of course we can't move on without gloating about our skill at predicting games. This past week, the record was: 14-1 (Damn you Ga.Tech!). For the season: 62-12. And again, we don't play the spread, because we don't believe in it.

So without further ado...Casey, lead us to the Countdown:

For those of you wondering who Casey is--


1) LSU 7-0. They get to stay because of their schedule. There is a QB controversy brewing though and the national championship game at Alabama is now only a couple weeks away. They won't lose before then. This Week: vs. Auburn. Our Pick: LSU 31, Auburn 12

2) Alabama 7-0. Nick Saban saying "Sh**" in his presser this week was awesome. And he's right it was a stupid question. Why should he care about realignment now? Again, the buildup to Nov. 5th's game vs. LSU begins. This Week: vs. Tennessee. Our Pick: Alabama 33, Tennessee 13

3) Oklahoma 6-0. Boomer, freakin' Sooner damn it. Their buildup to the Okie State game has started and it isn't for 5 weeks. Nobody in the 12/10 can stop them and that won't change. This Week: vs. Texas Tech. Our Pick: Oklahoma 41, Texas Tech 21

4) Boise State 6-0. They move up. Mostly because we feel like it...since it is our poll. Teams 4-7 are somewhat interchangeable at the moment. And yes, they dropped 63 on Colorado St. last week. This Week: vs. Air Force. Our Pick: Boise State 43, Air Force 17

5) Wisconsin 6-0. We will put them here, but much like the BCS, we aren't convinced. They still haven't played anyone worth a crap. Finally, they will get tested this week. Let's see how they handle it. Previous Badger teams have choked at least once every season. This Week: at Michigan State. Our Pick: Wisconsin 23, Mich. St. 21 (Want to go upset, but Kirk Cousins will throw interceptions)

6) Stanford 6-0. Another team that has looked good, but really hasn't played anyone who can challenge them. We do think they are solid and less likely than say Wisconsin or Clemson to throw away a game. They'll be tested..a little. This Week: vs. Washington. Our Pick: Stanford 31, Washington 21.

7) Clemson 7-0. There is no other way to say it-"They got lucky last week". And they've been pushed by some teams that aren't that great. They won't finish undefeated. History says so. This Week: vs. North Carolina. Our Pick: Clemson 35, North Carolina 21

8) Oklahoma State 6-0. Oh, hey, we forgot about the Fighting Gundy's...or did we? Sorry, again we aren't sold on this team. Sure, they've outscored everyone, but they give up over 27 points a game. And they haven't exactly played a powerhouse schedule. This Week: at Missouri. Our Pick: Okie St. 37, Missouri 35

9) Kansas St. 6-0. Yes, K-State makes it this week. But will it last? Again, another undefeated team that hasn't exactly lit up the cream puffs on their schedule. They stay for another week, but then play Oklahoma, Okie St., Texas A&M and Texas on consecutive weeks. This Week: at Kansas. Our Pick: K-State 34, Kansas 13

10) Arkansas 5-1. The 3rd best team in the SEC behind LSU and 'Bama. They've gotten through the toughest part of the schedule too. And are coming off a bye. They aren't stellar on "D", but they don't have to be. This Week: at Ole Miss. Our Pick: Arkansas 35, Ole Miss 17

11) Oregon 5-1. We just aren't as fascinated with them as the national media. They are a pretty good team in a pretty average--and overrated conference. Plus, they are pretty beat up. But they keep winning, so they've got that going for them. This Week: at Colorado. Our Pick: Oregon 31, Colorado 23

12) Michigan St. 5-1. I know, we keep putting teams we don't like in this poll. And traditionally, the team in this spot always loses. If Kirk Cousins was more consistent, we'd rank them higher. He always throws INT's at the worst time though. This Week: See #5. Though they may beat Wisconsin, we couldn't pick it.

**Editor Note--Our alma mater, Georgia Southern is undefeated and #1 in the FCS (1-AA). Hooray!


5) Minnesota 1-5. This is going to hurt...but they are getting "Killed" every week. We could chalk it up to the coach's health problems, but they were pretty bad last year too. They aren't any better this year. This Week: vs. Nebraska. Our Pick: Nebraska 48, Minnesota 12

4) UAB 0-6. Sigh...They are getting beat by an average of 33-13 every week. That just ain't good. They are crumbling, much like their home, Legion Field in Birmingham. If you can't run and can't pass and can't stop anyone, you can't win. This Week: vs. UCF. Our Pick: UCF 33, UAB 13

3) Memphis 1-6. Forgive us if we are still laughing at R.C Johnson's proclamation this team is "SEC Worthy" two weeks ago. The only winnable game for them is against UAB in a couple weeks. And even Vegas won't touch that one. This Week: at Tulane. Our Pick: Tulane 27, Memphis 10

2) Florida Atlantic 0-6. Yikes! It just keeps snowballing. They may not win a game in coach Howard Schnellenberger's last season. Sad. Really, there is nothing good you can say about this team except they are now playing in a nice, new stadium. This Week: vs. MTSU. Our Pick: MTSU 14, FAU 10

1) New Mexico 0-6. They give up 44 points per game. And they've only played one ranked team. They are a good argument for dropping to the FCS, but they'd probably still suck there. They won't win this season. At all. This Week: at TCU. Our Pick: TCU 45, New Mexico 10.

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