Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NCAA to Auburn: Cam Newton investigation is done

Cam Newton

Well, regardless of what you think, the people in charge with investigating the recruiting of Cam Newton to Auburn have decided that nothing wrong was done.

NCAA investigators say they couldn't find any "Burden of Proof" in their investigation, one that has lasted over one year.

The speculation and accusations made ranged from the bizarre to the greedy, but again, the NCAA says "Hearsay and Speculation" aren't enough for them to prove anything was done wrong.

Read the full story from RIGHT HERE

You can read the NCAA letter to Auburn RIGHT HERE

The NCAA says they interviewed over 80 people during the course of their investigation and though some pretty serious accusations were thrown out in places like HBO's "Real Sports", on the radio, attributed to Mississippi State and others, investigators were unable to confirm or prove any of it.

And yes, we are aware that Cecil Newton was alleged to have taken money or marketed his son to schools. He got in some trouble for it, and Cam was suspended...for one day. The NCAA determined that Cam didn't know about it.

So, life goes on and while we are sure there will plenty of people saying this is a "Travesty of Justice", it doesn't really matter. Much like Casey Anthony, even though everyone assumes that it is a given they are guilty, you still have to offer rock solid proof in order for the case to proceed.

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