Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Tebow selling Miami

Tim Tebow

It's not exactly the way the floundering Miami Dolphins wanted tickets to sell for Sunday's game versus the Denver Broncos, but considering the Dolphins 0-4 record and sales problems, they'll take it.

Even if the hometown University of Miami fans are unbelievably offended.

The reason: Tim Tebow is returning to Florida. And the Dolphins are honoring him and other members of the 2008 University of Florida National Championship football team.

Oh...and in case you haven't heard, Tebow will be starting at QB for the Broncos.

The news isn't all bad for Miami fans. Just Tuesday, 2,000 tickets were sold, making a small dent in the 15,000 that were available.

The reason: UF fans are turning out in droves. The problem: It may end up sounding and/or looking like a  road game for the home team.

Read more about the UF turnout from Dave Hyde of RIGHT HERE

We've previously discussed why the Miami faithful are about conflicted and/or mixed about the whole affair. They consider it their turf, after all, they play at the same stadium. And yet the Dolphins are choosing to honor the hated Gators.

Personally we don't have a dog in the hunt, but it does seem kind of odd. However, we are fully aware, even as a Dolphins fan, they are desperate for any kind of jump in ticket sales...and ultimately that is what it's all about.

This video expresses our thoughts about it too:

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