Monday, October 31, 2011

Tennessee Students Flashmob at game: Co-Starring Johnny Majors


This was kind of odd and raises a least to us. Can you actually have a "Flash Mob" with 105,000 plus people already in the same place you are?

Here's the deal.

A group of Tennessee students decided during their game Saturday against South Carolina that they would hold a "Flash Mob" to have a little fun with coach Derek Dooley's apparent love of wearing Orange Pants on game days.

So they did.

There were maybe a hundred or so involved in they ended up showing flash cards that said "Fear the Pants". They then turned the cards to reveal a pictogram of the Orange Pants.

Where it gets funny is later in the video, from ground level.

The reason: Former UT Coach Johnny Majors shows up in the middle of the crowd. That, at least to us, is the funny part of this.

Here is your video:

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