Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Morning Mess: Dr.J sued by bank

Dr.J in his prime

It appears that NBA legend Julius Erving may have some financial issues.

Dr. J his own self is being sued by an Atlanta area bank for not paying off the $200,000-plus that he owes on a loan with the bank.

Erving moved to the Atlanta area a few years ago and has a house in Gwinnett County. He bought a golf club near the town of Tucker around the same time.

According to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Erving got a $1 million line of credit in 2009 from the Georgia Primary Bank. He got the line reduced and apparently paid some of it off. But the outstanding balance, well, that hasn't been paid and that is why the bank is suing.

Read the entire story from RIGHT HERE

The story says Erving is auctioning many of his memorabilia items tomorrow (Friday). And while it may not be related to the bank issue, it does seem to hint that the man known as the Doctor may be operating with some financial difficulties.

Our friends at NBAtv give us the Top 10 dunks of the good Doctors career:

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