Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UCF: Big East invitation coming soon


Well, maybe "Galactic Realignment" isn't finished just yet. At least for one school in Florida, the opportunity to make it to a current BCS conference is in the offing.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the Big East has contacted UCF to gauge their interest in joining the conference. The paper says an offer hasn't come...yet, but it is on its way as soon as next week.

UCF is one of the largest schools by enrollment in the country, but their athletic programs still labor away in Conference USA, and while they've had some success, they haven't been able to sustain it year in and year out.

To get out of the deal with Conference USA, UCF will have to fork over some money. About $7 million according to the conference.

Read all the details from the Orlando Sentinel RIGHT HERE

This should be interesting. It's been a long rumored move that has to this point been less than warmly received by UCF rival and current Big East member South Florida.

But, we also see that the Big East has to do something after losing Pitt and Syracuse. The conference is down to 6 football schools and a problem.

UCF is more than capable of competing at this level, the question is more; Will the Big East stay in the BCS?"

And there is no good answer to that. They may merge with the Mountain West, which would be odd or they may still go it on their own...who knows? We just hope for their sake, UCF does their homework and realizes the possibility that they may just be moving sideways.

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