Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Texas A&M blackballed by soon to be former Big 12 opponents

((ht: chron.com))
Kyle Field at Texas A&M

This isn't a total surprise, though Texas A&M seems to be a bit taken aback by their soon to be former Big 12 brethren.

A&M's rival, and cause of much of the Big 12's change, Texas, has already made it clear they won't be available to play in football until at least 2018. They say there is no room in their non-conference schedule for the former rivals to play.

Granted, they haven't updated the schedule's, because if you go to the UT Football website, A&M is still listed in there as the final game of the season.

You can check that out by following the link HERE

And surprisingly (not), the other schools in the Big 12/10/9 have already started trash talking A&M telling recruits. A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne is saying recruits are being told if they go to College Station,  "They'll never get to play in Texas again".

Read the original story from Chron.com RIGHT HERE

None of this is surprising and we aren't sure why they are going public with it now. Sure, we get that A&M pissed off the rest of the Big 12. And they had to realize that the move to the SEC is going to be held against them.

And we know how important the "Rivalry" with the University of Texas is in Texas. We are quite sure that was taken into consideration before the move was made.

We also looked at the Texas schedule and AD DeLoss Dodds is right. Whomever replaces A&M will undoubtedly take over their slot on the schedule. And there is no "TBA" game until 2018. To the Longhorns credit, it isn't like the "Non-conference" schedule is littered with the type of teams the Big 10 plays early in the year.

Once the egos recover from the bruising, we are quite sure both sides will adjust. Sure, it will be weird for A&M until they find another rivalry, but they will. The Big 12/10/9 will also move on--unless the league implodes. It is just going to take a little time

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