Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of Barrel: The Relocated Edition


We're back. And just like that--the Satellite HQ was closed and has re-opened in the Galactic HQ down in Atlanta.

Ain't that great?

We missed a little of last weekends College Football action, due in part to not having Cable TV and only limited Internet access. But that is all in the past. The mighty I-Mac is up, running and ready to keep you--and you--and you (yes, we only have 3-readers) up to date on the latest College Football polls and predictions.

In today's clip, we learn the secrets behind the training for the mission. Again, much like the College season is unfolding:

Not to say we're smart....but: Last Week: 15-0, Yup!...Overall: 48-11

So, another week has gone by, the field continues to sort itself out and we'll have multiple undefeated teams at this rate--WE HOPE!

And now, as Kasey Kasem would say, "It's on with the countdown!"

The Dirty Dozen:

1) LSU 6-0. They stay until further notice. They've dominated everyone they've played. The only concern is the brewing QB controversy with Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson. Well...that and they play Alabama in Tuscaloosa. This Week: at Tennessee. Our Pick: LSU 33, Tennessee 7

2) Oklahoma 5-0. They are sometimes tiring to watch. And we say that in a good way. They haven't been pushed as hard as LSU, which is why they won't pass them in the rankings right now. They'll be a tough matchup in the BCS cause there is no reason to believe they won't be there right now. This Week: vs. Kansas. Our Pick: Oklahoma 51, Kansas 10

3) Alabama 6-0. Easily the most physical team on the board. There are a couple of flaws, the question is who will exploit them? Maybe LSU, but that is about it. And that game may end up 6-3. This Week: at Ole Miss. Our Pick: Alabama 37, Ole Miss 12

4) Stanford 5-0. We give you team "Underrated". The national guys don't think they can compete with the big boys. We disagree. They've dominated everyone though admittedly, they haven't played anyone worth a crap and won't until they play overrated Oregon. This Week: at Washington St. Our Pick: Stanford 41, Wash. St. 13

5) Wisconsin 5-0. A really good team that we just don't totally buy. They've played teams they can easily dominate, they don't play anyone with speed. They'll continue to roll because they have only conference games left and quite honestly, The Big 10 sucks. This Week: vs. Indiana. Our Pick: Wisconsin 45, Indiana 10.

6) Boise State 5-0. We really like this team. But we don't like them more than the teams ahead of them. All the folks in Idaho can do is hope one of the "Big Boys" loses. There's nobody on the schedule that should challenge the Broncos. This Week: at Colorado State. Our Pick: Boise St. 38, Colorado St. 21

7) Clemson 6-0. Count us surprised they've gotten this far. Yes, they are pretty talented, but they always are. Their history leads one to believe they'll gag at some point. We don't see it this year. The big hurdle will be vs. Ga.Tech in Atlanta. This Week: at Maryland. Our Pick: Clemson 31, Maryland 17.

8) Oklahoma St. 5-0. Offense, offense, offense. The fighting Gundy's just plain outscore folks. And while that may get them through most of the Big 12/10. It will eventually catch up with them. Like at the end of the season when they finish with their cross-state rivals, though an upset this week wouldn't be a surprise. This Week: at Texas. Our Pick: Texas 31, Oklahoma St. 30. UPSET!

9) Arkansas 5-1. Another team that lives and dies by the pass. They've been pretty good and they dominated Auburn this past week. There is a really good chance they'll only have 1 loss heading into their game with LSU at the end of the season. This Week: BYE

10) Oregon 4-1. And they now face adversity. No LaMichael James to prop them up. It will be on QB Darron Thomas to carry the load. Is he up to it? They still rank high by virtue of just being better than most of the teams they play. We just aren't convinced they'll stay here. This Week: vs. Arizona St. Our Pick: Oregon 28, Arizona St. 21.

11) Georgia Tech 6-0. An absolute nightmare team to matchup with. They are deadly on offense. Period. We've seen Coach Paul Johnson's genius since it's birth in the early '80's at Georgia Southern and when run right, it's virtually unstoppable. It's being run right. The big question here is the "D". That and games vs. Clemson, Va.Tech and Georgia to go. This Week: at Virginia. Our Pick: Ga.Tech 38, Virginia 23

12) Michigan 6-0. Another team we don't totally buy. They get here by virtue of who they are. They haven't played anyone who has challenged them other than Notre Dame. And ND isn't a Dozen worthy team. This week may be their biggest test. Win and they could end up 11-1. This Week: at Michigan State. Our Pick: Mich. St 34, Michigan 31.

The Bottom of the Barrel: 

5) Akron 1-5. Zippity doo da, zippity day. My oh my what a crappy day...and team. They've been outscored by over 20 points a game. Yeah, they won a game, but it was vs. VMI, a 1-AA team. They haven't challenged anyone, nor will they. This Week: vs. Ohio. Our Pick: Ohio 43, Akron 10

4) Florida Atlantic 0-5. They don't call teams in the Sun Belt punching bags for nothing. This team exemplifies it. They did come close vs. La.Laf, but that's been it. They play UAB later this season, so there is hope for a win. This Week: vs. Western Kentucky. Our Pick: FAU 21, WKU 17

3) UAB 0-5. We're guessing this season is a write off for this team. Like we said last week, though we like Neil Calloway, he obviously needs to go. Lots of change needed here. Truly the one bad football school in Alabama the others are at least respectable. This Week: at Tulsa. Our Pick: Tulsa 48, UAB 17

2) Memphis 1-5. Possibly the funniest thing we've heard in weeks was Memphis's AD saying they should be an SEC team. Please. These guys couldn't beat the practice squad for any SEC team. This is an easy choice as #2 here and no, it won't change. This Week: vs. East Carolina. Our Pick: ECU 47, Memphis 10

1) New Mexico 0-5. Well, on the good side. No more Mike Locksley. And they've scored some points the past couple of weeks. But...when your leading rusher has 162 yards in 5 games, well, that's not so good. Honestly, they have no chance of winning a game this year. At all. This Week: at Nevada. Our Pick: Nevada 48, New Mexico 10.

Because you should have some entertainment while you read this. And we know how much all 3 of our readers love us.

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