Saturday, October 22, 2011

Could the Big East merge with C-USA and Mountain West?


The Boston Globe says that the 3-conferences are considering an arrangement that would put 32-teams together in a mega-conference spanning the entire U.S.

The Globe quotes their sources as saying the impetus for this is the Big East's Automatic BCS bid, something they are concerned may go away due to the conference's apparent lack of strength in football.

They also say the plan would be for the league to break out into four, eight team conferences that would play a "Round-Robin" schedule and then play a mini-playoff leading to a championship game. The winner of that game would get the BCS bid and the schedule would still be a 12-game season.


Read the entire story from the Boston Globe RIGHT HERE

Is this feasible? It could be.

Will it happen? We wouldn't rule it out. In a lot of ways, it would make some sense.

Arguably, the group could create their own league, never mind "Super-Conference" and we'd bet the 4-letter (ESPN) would throw millions and millions at them to televise their playoff.

It would change multiple dynamics in college sports and that also isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, we think the "Power" conferences will not tolerate this. It is a direct threat to what the BCS is doing and since they ultimately are the Cartel that controls most of college football, the bet here is that they quash it.

Because everybody truly does want to rule the world, and there isn't a TV story on this, the video fits:

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