Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tattoo parlor owner behind Ohio St. scandal sentenced

Edward Rife/Ctsy:

The man who helped bring the issues at Ohio State to the forefront, will spend the next 3-years-in jail.

Edward Rife, a convicted drug dealer and former owner of Fine Line Ink tattoo's in Columbus, Ohio, not only trafficked in drugs out of the shop, he dealt in Ohio State memorabilia.

You'll recall, the pay-for-tats scandal that ensnared former QB Terrelle Pryor and 5 current OSU players. In that, Rife got signed memorabilia from the players in return for tattoo's. The ensuing investigation also cost Jim Tressel, the former coach, his job.

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Rife eventually would plead guilty to drug charges, which he was sentenced on. As part of the plea deal, he got to keep the memorabilia that he already had.

In reality, this is only the second of several steps tOSU is going to go through as the NCAA wraps up its investigation. It just closes one of several chapters in it.

The school should learn some time in the next few months what the punishment will be for that and other alleged transgressions from the NCAA. We suspect, while stern, they won't be crippling.

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