Thursday, October 27, 2011

Realignment Update: Politicians get involved in Big 12 expansion



We purposely stayed away from reporting on "Galactic Realignment" yesterday because we are growing incredibly weary of it. It has overshadowed a lot of really good things happening this year in College Football.

In today's, okay, yesterday's news, it appears that some politicians have decided to stick their noses in the process. Specifically the Big 12's attempt at rebuilding.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Senator Mitch McConnell inserted himself in the decision making process. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram confirmed that report with Big 12 officials.

It had been widely reported that the Big 12 wanted to add West Virginia to replace the soon-to-be departed Missouri Tigers. Many, including the Times reported it was a "Done Deal".

It wasn't.

It appears McConnell's involvement has given Big 12 Chancellors cause to reconsider and think about adding Louisville.

Needless to say, word of that didn't go over too well in West Virginia. Two state senators went on record criticizing McConnell and the war of words continues.

And, according to the Star-Telegram, these guys aren't the only politicians to stick their noses in.

Read the entire story from RIGHT HERE

Okay. This has long passed the "Getting Stupid" stage. Don't politicians have enough problems to stick their noses in? Although since they all seem to disagree with everything unless it is something they suggest.

If the "Ass-Clowns" in Washington want to get involved in "Galactic Realignment" in College Football, then investigate the BC freakin' S. Or ESPN. There's where your problems and legal issues reside.

If a politician wants to get involved in realignment, then make it stop. Tell the NCAA and the College Presidents that they play an AMATEUR sport. They shouldn't be allowed to move between conferences because of money or a better TV deal. They shouldn't be allowed to make decisions without determining what is best for the students and alumni instead of their image. They shouldn't be allowed to make decisions that will end historical rivalries.

Reportedly less than 40 D-1 schools make money in athletics. Did anyone ever think scaling back and not building palatial facilities for FOOTBALL or spending $8 zillion dollars travelling via private jet for recruiting or signing 122 scholar/athletes might lower the budget? Yeah, thought so.

This is about the CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE/CARTEL that is the BCS. This is about the fraud they've perpetrated on College Sports. This is about the sham that is the BCS Championship. The team that wins the "Mythical" title isn't necessarily the actual best team, it's the team the BCS tells us is in THEIR OPINION is the best.

Investigate that you CONGRESSIONAL DOUCHEBAGS!!!

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