Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More CFB Movement: Notre Dame to end up in Big 12 too?

((ht: orangebloods.com))

As sick as we are about "Galactic Realignment" stories, they just keep coming. And they all seem to make some semblance of sense in one way or another.

This one comes courtesy of the fine folks (ok--Chip Brown) at Orangebloods.com. Chip, who is as plugged into the comings and goings of the Big 12/10 is saying that not only is Missouri leaving, West Virginia coming--but that Notre Dame may be coming too.

Not in all sports...yet. Everything but football for now. And not "Are" coming, but they are talking to Chuck Neinas and the Big 12/10 office about it.

The story from Orangebloods.com RIGHT HERE

We believe this for several reasons. First and foremost, though Notre Dame is stubborn about their football, they need a home in other sports. They currently compete in the Big East that way, but the implication here is they don't have a lot of faith in the continued life of the Big East either.

The other thing of note here is this:

Brown says Missouri is meeting with SEC officials today and there is a very good chance they will hold off their move south until the 2012-13 season. That would leave the SEC at 13 teams for a year, something they've already prepared for.

It also means West Virginia wouldn't leave until the same time period. And we're guessing Syracuse and Pitt will leave the Big East by then too. No, they wouldn't have completed their "Out-Clause", but the speculation is there will be nothing the Big East can do to stop it at this point.

Confused. We aren't, but it is sure dragging out.

Back to the Fighting Irish:

Speculation has already begun that Notre Dame would go to the Big 12/10 and agree to play a set amount of games against current conference schools. That would lead up to the one thing driving all of this change in the first place....

A renegotiated and improved TV deal.

So, again, keep reading or periodically checking in. We expect a Missouri announcement any day now. The Tigers and the SEC want to get this done this week so it can be made during the Texas A&M/Missouri game this weekend..

Time will tell if that will actually happen.

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