Monday, October 31, 2011

West Virginia to sue Big East: Why aren't Pitt and Syracuse doing this?


Interesting. We are a bit surprised Pittsburgh or Syracuse hasn't already moved to do this.

According to report on, West Virginia University is filing a lawsuit against the Big East Conference so they can leave the conference at the end of the academic year.

Big East rules stipulate that any school intending to leave the conference must pay a $5 million fee and give....get this, 27 months notice before they will be released.

WVU has already paid the league half of the exit fee, and last week when they announced they were leaving, stated they would be playing in the Big 12 next season.

The other two schools who are leaving, Pitt and Syracuse, have been pretty least publicly about their intentions.

Read the entire story RIGHT HERE

We believe this is absurd on several levels and find it hard to believe that any judge is going to force WVU or the other schools to stick around for another 2-years plus before they leave.

The Big East should be happy they are getting the payday for it.

We think that after Tuesday's league meetings in Philadelphia, where it is expected they will announce or plan to add 6 new schools, this all will be a moot point. With 6 new teams, the league doesn't need the three that are leaving. Though we think Pitt and Syracuse joining the West Virginia suit would help matters proceed.

That being said, where are ya Panthers and Orange, are your administrators serious? Or not?

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