Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DEVELOPING: Barry Windham "Near Death"


Slam's wrestling component caught up with Blackjack Mulligan, aka Bob Windham, is saying on his Facebook page that son Barry Windham is in an Intensive Care Unit in a Florida hospital.

"I have a son near death," Windham admits.
Other posts say that the 51-year-old Windham suffered a stroke.

Windham broke into the NWA and was a staple in the WCW days as well before moving over to the WWF/WWE. The HQ remembers Windham in his hey-day and appreciated his athleticism that went with his frame...

Kinda like this...
((HT: WCW/youtube))

Thoughts and prayers to the Windhams- as we know that parts of the family are in south Georgia and we know them through our football connections...

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