Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dawson powerbombs Hopkins for the win

Another entry in a strange Saturday night features the WBC Light Heavyweight championship fight between Bernard Hopkins and challenger Chad Dawson.

It only went two somewhat ugly rounds.

The 46-year-old Hopkins was doing what he's done late in his career and slow down the fight with the much younger Dawson. Not many punches had been thrown, there was a lot of bobbing and weaving.

And then we got to the end of Round 2. That is when Hopkins went for a punch on Dawson, landed somewhat on his shoulders and Dawson summarily tossed him off his shoulders into what looked almost like a wrestling "Power Bomb".

Hopkins landed awkwardly on his left shoulder and was unable to finish. Therefore Dawson gets the win...and the title via TKO.

Something tells us there will be a rematch.

Here is your video, at least until it gets pulled:

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