Friday, October 14, 2011

Developing: CUSA and MWC merge in football: World confused

The 2 Groups/Courtesy: Mountain West Confernce

Nobody really knows what to make of this, but apparently Conference USA and the Mountain West Conference will consolidate into one "Large Association", consisting of 22 teams spread out over 16 states and most of the country.

We might add this comes on the heels of Conference USA possibly losing UCF and the Mountain West losing Boise State to the Big East.

Dennis Dodd of tries to explain RIGHT HERE

Here's the press release from the Mountain West website RIGHT HERE 

We know this was done to try and get a BCS bid, but we..much like others don't think the remnants of either conference combined are enough to do it.

We think, and this hasn't totally been made clear that the winner of the individual conferences will play in a "Conference" championship game. Even the release doesn't make the operation of the two groups in football very clear.

Of course like everything else in "Galactic Realignment" it is all driven by TV money and the combined group spanning 16 states has a TV deal with just about every major player that you can think of.

We're betting the 1st order of business will be renegotiating those deals.

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