Monday, October 24, 2011

Dumbass Arizona streaker tries explaining himself


He tried to excuse it by saying he wanted to do something to make himself "famous" before he graduated from the University of Arizona.

In that respect, we guess he was successful.

But he may be facing some "Unexpected" legal charges, at least we hope so.

Jace Lankow was the dumbass who managed to get himself on the field Thursday night during the Arizona/UCLA game, which was 42-7 at the half. He proceeded later in the game, to peel off a layer of clothes to reveal a referee uniform, run onto the field, strip...almost all the way before being tackled by security on the field.

That was the warmup for the brawl that cost some 10-players a suspension this week.

Here is the original video:

And here is video of the fight it spawned:

Lankow is apparently in the process of trying to cash in on his fame. He did an interview with KVOA-TV where he tried explaining himself by saying he wanted to do it to help get himself on the TV show "Wipeout". He also says he wanted to something that he'll be remembered for at the University of Arizona.

He's facing felony charges for Criminal Impersonation and will probably be charged for using a fake access pass to get on the field. He claims he wants to use his assumed "Winnings" from Wipeout, to pay his legal fees.

Yes, we know, we shouldn't give free publicity to dumb asses who do things like this for free publicity. Yes, we know, it might encourage others to do this. But we hope the next person who gets a bright idea like this gets tackled by a player instead of just the overweight security guys too.

Here is the interview with Mr. Dumb-ass, explaining himself:

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