Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reports: West Virginia will be in the Big 12

((ht: nytimes.com))

West Virginia University
It was, we suppose, only a matter of time. And no, it isn't yet "Official". But....multiple outlets are reporting that when Missouri gets around to leaving the Big 12/10/9, West Virginia has agreed to replace them.

Though we think it would be hilarious if Missouri decided to stay put.

The move doesn't kill the Big East, though as the strongest football program in that conference, the loss of West Virginia...along with the pending departure of Pitt and Syracuse takes what little bite the Big East had...out.

Read an explanation of how this is supposed to work from the NYTimes RIGHT HERE

Yes, there are still some questions here:

1) When will Missouri leave? We can only assume there is some legal "Mumbo-Jumbo" still to be worked out. When it is...it will happen. Though we don't agree with it.

2) What about the Big East? Good question. They will be down to 5 football schools. Supposedly, they are in talks to merge with C-USA and the MWC. They are also trying to add schools such as UCF, Boise State, Navy and Air Force. We think those schools would be insane to move.

3) What is this all about? Two things. First, a BCS Bowl Bid. There are only the biggest of schools and conferences that are allowed to participate in the BCS. Everyone wants to be in that club. The other, ESPN's money. Every move that has been made to this point...is to get a piece of the pie. ESPN is paying obscene amounts of money to these conferences and has been willing to negotiate just negotiated deals. Any conference that grows, has the ability to get more green.

I know...we are growing weary of all this talk too. We just wish Missouri would do what they are going to do and be done with it. None of the rest of the cards will fall until they do.

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