Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sean Payton Wants None Of Your PUP Lists For His Knee

((HT: NFL on FOX/youtube))

Okay, here's the play... it's pretty gross...

So, Saints head coach Sean Payton gets rolled, and blows out his knee... there will be no "Joe Paterno calling the plays from the press box" for Payton.

He called the plays from the bench (the next best place) and kept things moving...

How will he address his status for next week...???
The HQ's guess will be "day-to-day"
Aren't we all...???

From the Saints Twitter feed...

Coach Payton has been taken in the locker room for x-rays. Will call plays from the second half in the booth

Jay Glazer is reporting that Payton has a broken knee, broken tibia, and a torn MCL.

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