Sunday, October 23, 2011

Michigan State says their "Hail Mary's"

What a play.

In the end, it will go down as one of the greatest "Hail Mary" plays in College Football history. The play, made as the clock struck zero, brought Michigan State a hard-fought win over 6th ranked Wisconsin.

It wasn't a "For-Sure" thing until the replay official overturned the call on the field. The call, on a 44-yard Kirk Cousins pass that bounced off of B.J Cunningham's facemask and into the waiting arms of Keith Nichol.

If you look at the video, Nichol, lunges over the goal line before being wrestled back. The official initially called him down at the 1-foot line. The play went to the replay official, who overturned it and set off the party in East Lansing.

For those saying, "Get to the video", we hear you. So take a look...and lets hope it doesn't get pulled.

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