Monday, October 24, 2011

Report: Missouri may be in the SEC today


According to a published report in today's Kansas City Star, the oft discussed, hotly debated move of the Missouri to the Southeastern Conference may be coming today (Monday).

The reason the paper states: Mizzou Chancellor Brady Deaton is supposed to be in Dallas to meet with members of the Big 12 Board of Directors.

Multiple reports say the Tigers have had an offer on the table for weeks and if you look closely, the timetable for this is very similar to that of Texas A&M.

The other news from that story is that the Big 12 has already targeted West Virginia to take over the Missouri slot. Again, an interesting move...if it happens.

West Virginia is not located anywhere near the other Big12 schools, but then again, Texas A&M and Missouri aren't very convenient to the SEC either.

A West Virginia move hurts the Big East, who is scrambling to rebuild itself in football and is reportedly in talks to merge with Conference USA and the Mountain West to form a football "Mega-Conference".

Confused? You should be.

Read the KC Star story RIGHT HERE

Before you say it, I know, we haven't been sold on Missouri moving. It's happening. We were wrong on that. Though we do stick to our statement that it is a bad move for the fans. It is.

But what is done will be done.

Check out this story from Kansas City on a father of 3 Missouri grads with a kid playing at Kansas. His thoughts on the potential loss of a rivalry: (Courtesy:

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