Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Former pro wrestler wrestles oxycodone from store and is arrested

Tomko/Courtesy: 1st Coast News-St.Johns County Sheriff's

This isn't necessarily a good story. For those who wonder what sometimes happen to former professional wrestlers; there is this.

Former WWE and TNA wrestler Tomko (real name: Travis David Tomko), was arrested Monday afternoon near St. Augustine, Florida.

Tomko is accused of stealing 3 bottles of Oxycodone from a CVS store. According to First Coast News in Jacksonville, the former wrestler had been trying for days to get the drug from the store, he finally walked in, made a threat with his "Hand Under His Shirt" pointing towards what the pharmacist believed was a possible gun.

He denied making any threats, but is still facing robbery charges.

Here's video of Tomko in better days, wrestling in TNA versus Kurt Angle:

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