Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Missouri's conference fate could be decided Thursday

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Well, the New York Times says they already know what Missouri is going to do. But Missouri hasn't said it.

And they won't. At least until a Thursday afternoon meeting in Kansas City by the school's "Board of Curators". Strangely, we always thought "Curators" worked in museums, but that is another issue.

Read about the meeting from KansasCity.com RIGHT HERE

Anyway, multiple reports say that Mizzou to the SEC is going to happen and will happen for next season.  Most everyone involved is--at least on the surface--trying to be quiet about it. But people are talking--as unnamed sources.

Those sources say that not only are the Tigers coming, they'll play in the SEC East, which logistically makes absolutely zero sense. But...

Remember the story we did on Saturday where Alabama said "Missouri can join the SEC if they play in the East"?

If not, here's the link RIGHT HERE

Well, apparently Tennessee feels the same way because they want to play Alabama every year. And Auburn, well, Alabama still wants to play them too. And the SEC has said you can only have one "Out of Division" rivalry game each year.

And then there is interim Big 12/10 commish Chuck Neinas saying to Mike Slive, "If you are going to an extend an invitation to Missouri, let me know."

Slive didn't comment.

We still don't understand why the SEC is settling for Missouri. Yeah, before you say it, we know, it is about the TV eyeballs. We get that.

But logistically it makes zero sense. A little bit more if they were in the SEC West, but they aren't. Sure, the teams, which make more money than god, and are expected to make more, will spend a few more bucks on travel. And Missouri will have to spend more on recruiting to move into SEC territory.

The issue to us is for the fans. It's a long trip to ask Florida fans to make. Sure, some will come no matter what. But that is a half-way around the country trip for them on the road. And the same for Georgia and South Carolina. Part of the beauty of the SEC is that so many fans "Road Trip" to games. That will all but go away for any team that would have to go play Missouri.

And yes, for what it is worth, they'll be coming to the SEC no matter what we think.

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