Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Former NFL Coach Jimmy Johnson's restaurant shut down

"Jimmy Johnson's Big Chill"

Whoops. Guess Jimmy Johnson is spending too much time on the Fox Sports football set in L.A these days.

As you know, the former NFL coach and Fox analyst makes his home in South Florida.

Apparently Johnson's Key Largo, Florida restaurant "Jimmy Johnson's Big Chill Restaurant and Grill at Fisherman's Cove", was closed last week after Health Inspectors found...21 critical violations and 9 non-critical ones.

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Among the listed violations:

-Food stored in ice used for drinks and bottles.
-Observed rodent activity including some 30 plus dry rodent droppings found around the kitchen area.
-Observed roach activity including 15-plus live roaches found inside or near a cooler.

Well. Maybe Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares can visit and fix this. Yeah, we know it isn't "Technically" a Sports story, but Johnson is a "Sports" personality.

And while he may not be directly responsible for the operation of the restaurant (many lend their name for a fee), it still has his name on the marquee.

Certainly, if you find yourself in Key Largo, you may want to think twice before pulling into the lot of a "Big Name" restaurant.

If you aren't familiar with "Kitchen Nightmares", take a look:

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